Getting used to the daycare center

For both parents and children it is nice to be able to get used to their second home. BORUS Childcare offers both children and parents the opportunity to get used to the daycare center. The purpose of this is to make your child familiar with the new environment, the employees and to develop good relationships between the child, yourself and BORUS.


First an intake interview


A few weeks prior to the agreed placement date, the permanent employee of the group will contact you to plan an intake interview.


During this meeting you will meet the pedagogical staff members and we will tell you more about the group and the daily routine. We would also like to get to know you and your child(ren) better in order to build up a good relationship.


We would like to know everything about your child such as his/ her diet, sleep pattern and your specific wishes and habits.


Together, we will then plan the moments at which you and your child can get used to the daycare center.


Getting used to the daycare center


The moments at which your child comes to the daycare center to get used to the staff members and the daycare center, are free of charge and are preferably scheduled in the 2 weeks prior to the first regular day of care.


Children who come to BORUS for the first time will benefit from the days on which they can get used to BORUS. We make a distinction between children up to 1 year and children from 1 year old.


For the well-being of babies, BORUS Kinderopvang has 3 moments on 3 different days in a period of 2 weeks in which babies can get used to the daycare center and the staff members. On the first two days, the child comes to the daycare center for a maximum of 2.5 hours and on the third day for a maximum of half a day.


Infants and toddlers can come to BORUS two times for half a day to get used to the daycare center. It is not possible that your child comes a whole day, in order for your child to get used to BORUS in a relaxed way.


If your child needs a longer period to get used to BORUS, this can be planned in consultation with the location manager. Extra moments are scheduled after the placement date and will be discussed with you.


In case your child wants to switch to another group, your child will have to get used to the new group after consultation with you and the pedagogical staff. Of course this also applies to the 3-year-olds who continue to grow into the 3+ group. The children who are almost 3 years old, can come to see the 3+ group a couple of times. When your child is familiar with the new group, we plan the transfer to the new group in consultation with you.

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182