Exchange days and extra days

Exchange days


In order to give you some flexibility, it is possible for you to exchange a regular day 12 times a year, on condition that the desired day of care is exchanged within one month and that this is technically possible in the timetable of BORUS. You will receive absence credit 15 times per calendar year.
You can request an exchange day by sending an e-mail to Official holidays can not be used as an exchange day.


Take an extra day (part) incidentally


It is possible to occasionally take an extra day of childcare or part of a day or to exchange one day (exchange day: maximum of 12 times per year and the exchange day must be within one month). If there is no room on the regular group of your child, it is possible that we receive your child in another group. This will be discussed with you and will also be set out in writing. This is done using the extra childcare form. Preference is and will remain to accommodate your child in the regular group, but if this is not possible and extra care is desired, your child can go to another group. This can be discussed and arranged with the pedagogical staff member of your child’s group.


Take an extra regular day


Taking an extra fixed day of childcare can be discussed with the manager of the planning department and the administration at the head office of BORUS. The starting point is that your child will spend this extra day on his/ her regular group. If there is no possibility on the regular group, then in consultation with you it can be decided to temporarily place your child in another group. We ask you to give permission in writing. Your child may have a maximum of one other group and use a maximum of 2 group rooms (in case of day care). As soon as there is room again on the original group of your child, your child will be transferred to his/ her original group. The (new) placement agreement will state on which day, which group and from which date your child can be placed in his/ her own group again.

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182