Full day childcare

BORUS Childcare encourages and stimulates the development of children between the age of 10 weeks and 4 years old, as an addition to the upbringing at home, by bringing the children together in an environment created specially for them. Fun, stability and child safety are key elements here.


At BORUS, we work with themes that are created especially for the development of the children, including music and living. In these themes, we also pay attention to the children’s development in the field of motor skills and social skills.


Of course we like to sing, dance and play outside with the children.


The motivated pedagogical staff ensures that your child is seen and developed as an individual. Each month, you will be informed about the progress of your child. You will also be informed about the themes that are discussed at the daycare center, so you can respond to it at home.


Pre- and early-school education (VVE) program “Uk & Puk”


The Uk & Puk method is a way of working with themes to teach the children more and to let them get in touch with everyday things.


These are the themes of Uk & Puk:


  • “Welcome Puk!”, “Hugs, Hatsjoe!”, “Me and my family”, “What are you wearing today?”, “Rain, This is me!”, “Enjoy your meal!”, “Giants and gnomes”, “Oef, a little hot!” and “I’m almost 4!”.


3+ program


We have arranged 2 special groups for children who are 3 years old. When the children turn 3 years old, they will go to the 3+ groups. At BORUS childcare, we find it important to work child-wise. These 3+ children are often ready for more challenges that suit their level of development. We want to respond to this need by offering a variety of activities.
This is in line with the course of the primary school. The children can become more independent and we give more content to ‘learning’ and ‘playing’.
We do this by acquainting them with letters, numbers, colors, group conversations, preparing their own lunch, etc. The 3+ program enriches the development of the child’s personal and social skills as a preparation for the primary school.

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182