About us

A clear vision


BORUS is a place with professional care, where children get the space to play and where they can experience a healthy development.


BORUS aspires to be and to remain a nice, fun and pleasant, but above all, professional childcare centre for the children, the pedagogical staff members and the parents/ caretakers.


BORUS aims to ensure that a child feels comfortable in his/ her second home. Every child is stimulated in his/ her development through personal guidance from the pedagogical staff members.


BORUS provides child care in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, where the development of your child is the most important thing.

The pedagogical plan


BORUS Childcare is partly responsible for the upbringing and care of the children who are entrusted to BORUS by the parents. A condition for high-quality childcare is that the care that the children receive from BORUS is in line with the care they receive at home.


Our pedagogical goal is that the children get sufficient opportunities for the development of their personal competences, so that they develop into well-balanced people who recognize and make use of their own talents.


We achieve this balance by creating situations at BORUS that ensure that children feel comfortable, have confidence in their own abilities, can stand up for themselves, have a sense of norms and values, have a positive stand in society, are independent and socially skilled. From our pedagogical vision, the development of identity and self-reliance play an important role in this. If desired, the pedagogical plan is available for inspection at the different branches.

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182