BORUS Academy

BORUS Childcare is of the opinion that a study program does not stop after obtaining a certificate. Obtained knowledge must be put into practice in the right way. An education combined with specific training, contributes to the quality of childcare and inspires pedagogical staff members.


With BORUS Academy, BORUS makes the training and coaching of employees completely part of its organization.


Educational specialist Jeanine van Dijk does not only provide the training, she also guides the pedagogical staff in everyday practice. In this way a good image can be created of what the pedagogical staff members need. As a result, training and supervision in the workplace are adjusted to one another.


Jeanine van Dijk says: “I have known BORUS Childcare for a long time. The quality policy of BORUS is in line with my ambitions to offer children a safe and stimulating environment where they can develop themselves optimally. In the last 15 years, the emphasis in childcare has shifted from ‘taking care’ to ‘development’ of children. As an educational specialist/ orthopedagogue I have specialized myself in the development of young children. I transfer this knowledge to the pedagogical staff of BORUS and together we dedicate ourselves to the development of the children at BORUS.”


BORUS is certified to provide training programs in which employees obtain a nationally recognized certificate.

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