BORUS the Bear

At BORUS Childcare we have a loyal guest who likes to visit our different branches during activities and parties.


BORUS the Bear is always in for a joke with the children and creates a cosy atmosphere.


We would like to introduce BORUS to you!


Curriculum Vitae


Address: BORUS Childcare
Date of birth: 5-09-2012
School: BORUS Childcare
Nicest thing at school: hugging and playing
Hobbies: hugging and playing
Sport: dancing
Idol:   my bear father and my bear mother
Favorite song: Tjoe Tjoe Wha and Berend Botje
Favorite book: 365 Bear Stories
Favorite film: Brother bear
Favorite animal: brown bears
Favorite food: fruit
Favorite thing to do: playing with children
I do not like: fighting
In the future I will become: a big bear

Need advice?

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