4 eyes/ears-principle

From the 1st of July 2013, it is mandatory in the daycare sector to comply with the 4-eyes/ears principle. This principle implies that it should always be possible for an adult to watch or listen to a professional/ practitioner. A professional/ staff member can still be alone with the group of children, provided that another adult has the opportunity to watch or listen at any time.


The GGD checks this. BORUS Kinderopvang is prepared for this and meets the requirements of this 4-eyes/ears principle. Most BORUS branches are built in such a way that there is a good view of the groups, the connected group and the sanitary room. The (group) rooms are as transparent as possible with lots of glass. In addition, the doors are open regularly and baby monitors are available in the bedrooms. Employees communicate with each other and there is transparency in the organisation.


If possible, the different groups are put together/ merged at the beginning and at the end of the day, during the drop off and pick up times. The exact interpretation of the 4 eyes/ears principle differs per branch and is written out in the pedagogical work plan. The pedagogical work plan is available for inspection at the group of your child and you can ask the staff members for the document.

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