Pre-school care

Parents may have to deal with early working hours and/ or traffic jams. In these cases pre-school care at BORUS can be a solution. You can already drop off your child at 7.15 am. It offers the children the opportunity to wake up and have a relaxed breakfast. BORUS provides a delicious, healthy breakfast that can be eaten in peace, together with the other children.


After breakfast, the children can play, read or relax. In this way, the children and the parents start their day in a relaxed way. Around 8.10 am everyone will clean up, take their bags and will then go to their own school and classroom. The youngest children are brought to their classroom by the staff of BORUS and are then handed over to the teacher. If you have given permission for this, your child can go to school independently.
In this way, you can start your day in peace, knowing that your child is in good hands!


The pre-school care is only possible during school weeks and in combination with at least one day of after-school care a week. You can also book the pre-school care for a holiday or study day.


Opening hours


The opening hours of the pre-school care are from 7.15 am until the start of the school, on all school days.

The management may also decide to temporarily close the pre-school care for organisational reasons (e.g. in case of contagious disease).

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182