Point of contact

Nanda Portenge


In Uithoorn BORUS Childcare is situated in the well-known building with the ‘purple’ turret. In this branch we offer day care for children from 10 weeks to 4 years old. The building is quiet and is furnished with a ‘living room feeling’. That creates a sense of familiarity for the children.


Fortunately, our branch has sufficient outdoor space, even with some grass, completely surrounded by a high fence. Because of the different fences the outdoor space is divided into three parts. Even if all the groups play outside, everything remains clear for the pedagogical staff. The children can play outside with the playground equipment, there is a sandbox and there is more than enough outdoor play equipment available for the children to go on an adventure.


Nanda is not alone, but is supported by her colleagues and the various departments of the head office in Uithoorn.

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182