Impression Abcoude

This brand new BORUS childcare facility was completed in October 2012 and can accommodate 3 groups of after-school care in one “wing” of the building and 5 groups of up to 12 children in the daycare section. In Abcoude we are open from 7.15 am to 6.30 pm, 52 weeks a year.


At BORUS Childcare Abcoude works a close team of pedagogical staff members who are 100% committed to the children.


Both the out-of-school care center and the daycare center work with themes that are varied and challenging for the children. The children have the opportunity to develop at their own pace.


During the holidays, the employees of the out-of-school care create a festive atmosphere A fun program ensures that the children look forward to another holiday at BORUS Abcoude.


The large private outdoor area of BORUS Abcoude is a place for fun for both the younger and the older children. There are outdoor toys for every age, from a wooden train to a hockey and football field. With the mountains, grass and nice tunnels, there are no limits to the children’s creativity!


We have been able to put different technical gadgets in and on the building of BORUS Abcoude. The whole roof is full of solar panels and is so energy-efficient that the numbers on the electricity meters almost stop changing. There is a beautiful light entrance that gives you access to the building. Because safety is our top priority (you have entrusted us with your most valuable asset!), an access system has been installed at BORUS Abcoude. All parents have a drop-shaped card that makes access possible if it is kept against the intended plate. This is how we want to prevent uninvited guests from entering during the day.


For your convenience during the mornings and evenings, there are sufficient parking spaces in front of the building and around the building. The classrooms are spacious and have many windows, which ensures transparency and natural light. At the out-of-school care center all rooms have a real kitchen with a dishwasher and an oven, so that the staff members of BORUS can cook and bake together with the children.


For the children of the out-of-school care there is the possibility to follow English lessons. The children can receive English lessons in a 7-week cycle. A large room is specially equipped for working on the themes.


There is a BORUS-van at BORUS Abcoude. This van is used to pick the children up from a few schools and bring them to the childcare center. The van is also used to make trips..


Curious about what your child can experience at the day care or out-of-school care? Our Facebook page regularly shares photos and experiences of the children.

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