Impression Nieuw-Vennep

BORUS Nieuw-Vennep is one of the newest branches of BORUS Kinderopvang. BORUS Nieuw-Vennep is located in a modern building in which the daycare center has its own wing and the out-of-school care also has its own wing. Large and bright spaces on both sides of the accommodation ensure a pleasant entry. The location of the childcare center, right in front of the pool The Estafette, provides a nice collection of facilities. BORUS Nieuw-Vennep is open from 7.15 am to 6.30 pm, 52 weeks a year.


At this branch we offer all forms of childcare: pre-school and after-school care, full and half daycare. At the daycare center, we work with themes that appeal to the children and that, through the Uk & Puk program, teach the children the daily things of life. We are also working with the “Taallijn” (the “Language Line”) to stimulate the development of the children in this area and to allow them to transfer to primary school without any problems.


There are always fun activities and parties. A loyal guest at the daycare center is BORUS the Bear, the mascot of BORUS Kinderopvang, who likes to make jokes with the children and employees.
The children can be picked up from school and can be brought to BORUS Nieuw-Vennep by our BORUS-van. In this way you can be sure that your child will arrive at BORUS safely.
The after-school care also works with themes and special programs. Classified in different groups (young, middle and old), the children are challenged to explore the theme in many different ways and to develop themselves. Of course they also have plenty of room to play, to do homework under supervision, to read a book or to follow English lessons. In various rooms there are kitchens where the staff members can cook and bake with the children. There are corners in which the themes can be explored on aspects such as Multimedia, Nature, Expression, Nature and Technology. There is also a space for gym activities, games and other activities. This allows us to adjust the program to every weather type and theme!


At the front of the building there is a large outdoor playground, surrounded by child-friendly fences, where the children can safely play with the play equipment and lose their energy. Many games and activities are played and done on this large playground. If the children attend swimming lessons at “De Estafette”, they can be dropped off and picked up by the staff of BORUS Kinderopvang. If your son or daughter practices another sport or hobby, we would like to hear about it.
A new location where your child gets plenty of room to develop!

Curious about what your child can experience at the day care or out-of-school care? Our Facebook page regularly shares photos and experiences of the children.

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