Impression Lisserbroek

At BORUS Lisserbroek we receive children before and after school. A maximum of 28 children in the age of 4-12 years can be accommodated here. BORUS Childcare has been in Lisserbroek since 2007, but has moved to a new and modern space inside primary school De Reiger in 2015. Many of the children who are taken care of at BORUS Lisserbroek come from primary school De Reiger and primary school the Zilvermeeuw, which is located in the same street.
BORUS Lisserbroek is open after school hours and during the holidays, 52 weeks per year. For that reason, you can assume that we are ready for the care of your child almost every week.


At BORUS Lisserbroek we have a spacious room and a part of the hall of primary school De Reiger at our disposal. The room is furnished in a way that is attractive for the children. There is a bench in the TV-corner and there is a nice carpet on the floor. The children can sit down and relax in the bean bags and can sit and work at the child-friendly, high tables. The pieces of work of the children are given a place on the wall, as a kind of exhibition, so that at the end of the day the parents can see what the children made that day.


For the children it is nice to be inside their school, a familiar environment, after school. When they come in, there is always something to eat and drink and the events of the day can be discussed. The staff members of BORUS Lisserbroek are very active with the themes. The themes are worked out in a fun way and the children are challenged and enthusiastic. There is a nice range of activities for every age. A theme can be explored in different ways and every child has the opportunity to develop. During the holidays the employees create a festive atmosphere and there is always a nice program so that the children can have fun all day long.
The children can play outside on the school’s large schoolyard, but also in the protected area between the schools. Because of the layout of the room, with on both sides only large windows, the children can always be watched carefully, because safety always comes first! On this playground there is outdoor play equipment. If the weather is bad or if it is too cold, we have the opportunity to make use of the school’s games room. There is a wide range of sports and games that can be played in this room.
In short, this is a very pleasant location with many possibilities in a familiar environment for your child.

Need advice?

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