Impression Childcare center BORUS Hoofddorp

BORUS Hoofddorp – Floriande has been providing professional child care for years in the Floriande district with many possibilities for children of different ages.

BORUS Hoofddorp-Floriande is the largest branch of BORUS and is located in the ‘VINEX’ district of Hoofddorp: Floriande.
In the two spacious accommodations, completely surrounded by child-friendly fences, we have space for 14 daycare groups with a maximum of 12 children aged 0-4 years each and 8 out-of-school care groups with a maximum of 20 children aged 4-12 years each. The long opening hours from 7.15 am to 6.30 pm, 52 weeks a year offer many possibilities for you as a parent.
BORUS Hoofddorp – Floriande receives children from the following primary schools:
The Brandaris, The Optimist, Montessori Floriande, The Four Leaf Clover, The Foresters, The Bramble, The Climbing Tree, OBS the Magic Circle, Auris Prof. dr. from Gilseschool.
When the schools are not within walking distance, the children will be picked up from school with one of our own BORUS-vans.

The accommodation of BORUS Floriande was built in 2005 and is equipped with all the comforts and technical installations that may be expected within a modern childcare accommodation. The climate control system ensures that the building is provided with purified air at the desired temperature every 10 minutes. Both buildings are equipped with a lift, modern telecommunications equipment, automatic awnings and an active access security policy. In addition, the architect has ensured that BORUS Floriande is a warm and cozy accommodation where the children feel at home and where our employees like to work.The separate buildings directly next to each other have the advantage that we have been able to make a nice distribution between the out-of-school care and the full day care. In the main building we have divided the children from 0 – 4 years over the different group rooms. The office and reception are also located in the main building, to be able to welcome you at all times. Through a double glass door that has to be opened for you, you will enter to reception. This ensures the necessary safety check.
As with all BORUS day care centers, children at the daycare center work with themes that appeal to the children and that teach the children the daily things of life through the Uk & Puk program. We are also working with the “Taallijn” (the “Language Line”) to stimulate the development of the children in this area and to allow them to transfer to primary school without any problems. There are always fun activities and parties that are celebrated (sometimes also with BORUS the bear, the mascot of BORUS Childcare).

The out-of-school care also has its own entrance. The after-school care also works with themes and special programs. Classified in different groups (young, middle and old), the children are challenged to explore the theme in many different original ways. Of course they can also play freely, make homework under supervision or read a book. There is a kitchen where the staff members can cook and bake with the children. There is a sports room available for the children of the out-of-school care. This sports room is used in bad weather and for certain activities. There are special theme rooms where the themes can be explored on aspects such as Multimedia, Nature, Expression, Nature and Technology.
The outdoor playground is spacious and suitable for all ages. The playground area is divided in two parts by a fence, so that the older children have their own space and the younger children can also enjoy the outdoor playground safely and sheltered.
The football cage with the basketball net is a place where the older children can lose their energy every day, but where they are still close to their familiar group space.

Need advice?

BORUS is happy to help you make the right choice and give you appropriate advice. Call us at: 0297 522 182